Black goji berry - organic

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Black Goji Berries contain vitamins A, C and E and even includes some essential fatty acids which is unusual in fruits. It contains powerful antioxidants and may assist to enhance the immune system, improve blood circulation & vision as well as may assist with menopause.

Always consult your healthcare professional
Ingredients: Organic Black Goji Berries

Botanical Name: Lycium barbaruma

Serving Suggestion:

Black Goji Berries create a vivid purple tea due to its dark blue pigmentation. For the best colour and due to their delicate nature we recommend brewing at approx 50-75C. Depending on the acidity of the water used in brewing, the colour may differ. Try adding lemon juice to see the colour change! The colour will continue to change and darken depending on the time left to brew eventually becoming almost black.

Can be used in drinks such as teas and smoothies or perfect for breakfast cereals, mueslis and muffins.

Packaging: compostable pouch or glass jar with cor lid.

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