Blue Butterfly Pea - organic

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Brew up a delightful cup of elderflower tea, infuse it in a bath bomb, or use it as a natural decoration for soap or other bath and body products.

The blue butterfly blue pea flower has started taking menus in Australia by storm. 
Officially a perennial herbaceous legume, the blue butterfly pea flower has become a popular item on trendy café menus in recent times but has been used throughout Asia for generations. The modern uses for these fantastic flowers include blue lattes and colour-changing gin. Blue in the bottle, the gin turns pink when tonic water or another carbonated mixer is used.
Said to be high in antioxidants these pretty flowers create a vivid blue tea, add citrus and watch the colour change! It is known throughout Asia to be possibly beneficial for hair strength and growth. It has also been said that Blue Butterfly Pea has a calming effect on the brain which may assist in depression and anxiety.

Blue pea flower is excellent for the hair too, as it contains anthocyanin

It’s also used as a revegetation plant in Australia, often in old mines and quarries where the land has been cleared and deeply scarred. It’s hardy and low maintenance and can flourish in a variety of conditions, plus the seeds and flowers provide fodder for the local wildlife.

 Always consult your healthcare professional

Botanical Name Clitoria ternatea
Organic Status Organically Grown - Not Certified
Country of Origin China
Plant Part Flowers

Serving Suggestion:
Tea, food colouring such as desserts, gin, and so much more.
For tea, add  1tsp per cup and brew with boiling water for 1-3 minutes. Serve hot or iced for a refreshing treat with honey and lemon. 
Or ad milk and sugar for a latte, hot or cold.

40g compostable pouch