Lavender Rose Australian Pink Clay Bath Bomb

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Lavender & Rose geranium herbal bath bomb with AUSTRALIAN pink clay, Apricot kernnel oil and lavender and hibiscus petals. Handmade in the Snowy Mountains NSW

Plant-based and palm free, handmade with ingredients to give your skin a dream bath experience

1 x 120g herbal bath bomb 

Ingredients: bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, organic coconut milk powder, sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI), epsom salt, cream of Tartar, Natrasorb (tapioca starch), pink Australian clay, apricot kernel oil, hibiscus &,lavender petals, Instinks lavender rose blend of essential oils (lavender, rose geranium & rose essential oils)

Palm Oil Free - herbal Bath Bombs. Plastic free packaging and plant based, who doesn't love a good bath bomb?


Our herbal bath bombs by INSTINKS are completely free of nasties and are palm oil free. Did you know that many bath bombs on the market contain palm oil derived ingredients, such as polysorbate 20 or or polysorbate 80 and SLS.


These abbreviations stand for the various "Sulphates" that are found in the cosmetic world. Sulphates are surfactants -when you combine them with water they will foam and emulsify greasy substances. They are largely synthetic derived from  petrochemicals! These can be an irritant to skin. We have been conditioned to think suds and foaming means "clean." but it is not the case. 


We use Tapioca starch NOT cornstarch. We believe this is better for the bath bomb and for you. Cornstarch has been known to irritate some people while using bath bombs. Tapioca starch also adds silkiness, helps absorb essential oils, and slowly releases the absorbed oils into the bath water. We love it as an alternative.


INSTINKS no longer uses artificial fragrances due to not being able to list the ingredients in fragrance. They are proprietary so they do not have to tell us what ingredients are in them. If we cannot list the ingredients we don't use it due to allergies.

Your Skin Deserves the Best

ENJOY YOUR BATH TIME with our herbal bath bomb range.


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