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We are located in the Snowy Mountains of NSW where we flourish among other creatives. Originally established in 2018, INSTINKS are a part of the natural wonderland of snow and lakes that it is known for.

 Our range is plastic free, plant based, eco friendly and we source ingredients & packaging carefully based on strong ethical & environmental principles,  free from nasties and toxic chemicals like petroleum, paraffin and parabens, sls .
You can safely use INSTINKS products in your home and work area without any adverse side effects to yours or your family’s health.

For you to love our non-toxic, plastic free, plant based, renewable products as much as we love creating them for you gives us purpose. Whether you’ve visited the Snowy Mountains or not when you use an INSTINKS product you invoke the spirit of the Snowy Mountains and all the holistic benefits it offers. Bring your world back to nature.

Instinks have worked hard to create a range of gentle bath and body products, teas, essential oils and candles that are as varied and unique as your clients. We can supply your business with beautifully presented soap bars, lotions, bath bombs, soothing balms, shaving soap, beard care, shampoos, conditioners, teas, candles, essential oils and much more.

Please note that all our products are handmade with PREMIUM ingredients and we use natural quality oils and butters.  Instinks products appeal to people who wish to AVOID manufactured products based on cheap, harsh ingredients that leave the skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated.  We don't compete with those type of products on price.

  • We can provide your gift shop or health food shop with wholesale bath and body products, dried herbs, essential oils and teas all plastic free.
  • We can provide your cafe with wholesale teas that are plastic free
  • We can provide your hotel with wholesale high quality guest soaps,  shampoos and hand cream that are plastic free
  • We can provide your day spa with wholesale essential oils, massage oils candles, hand cream and more all plastic free.

We get inquiries all the time from our customers who wish to be able to buy local in their area so they can save on postage. So if you are interested in selling our products we will also advertise you on our stockists page, facebook and instagram, if you share a post with our products in the photo we will also share that to our own social media.

Jacinta Muras and the Team


Wholesale minimums

Minimum order for wholesale customers is $250 first purchase, $150 minimum thereafter.

We do not accept business that sell online only or on ebay omy  etc, you must have a shop, lodge, airbnb or Motel.

  • Shops $150 minimum per wholesale order ($250 first order)
  • Accommodation $100 minimum (guest soaps)

Why do we have a minimum wholesale spend and minimum quantity per item?

We offer deep discounts to our wholesale clients and the only way we can maintain this low pricing is by setting minimums.  We value all of our wholesale clients and have worked hard to keep minimums as low as possible within the current price structure. We also care how products look on your shelf. You will have noticed that customers tend to purchase more from fully stocked ranges and sales diminish when stocks are low or not enough variety of product. 

What we don't do

  • We don't use ingredients that we wouldn't normally use in our own products (we use high-quality ingredients and will not compromise on our staff health or the environment by using harmful or substandard ingredients in our products)
  • We no longer use fragrances, fragrances are propriety and you never know what ingredients are in them.
  • We don't offer further discounts beyond our current low wholesale pricing for larger orders - the price per bar or product is the same if you order 10 or 500. We use the best quality ingredients, we hand-craft our products, we pay our staff good wages.

Let's get started

To apply for a wholesale account follow these simple steps

  1. Create an account here - Register
  2. Then email us or sms us with your shop name and location and we will convert your account to a wholesale account.
    Email: or
    SMS: 0404051560

  3. Your are now ready to order.

  4. Minimums automatically apply once you reach your minimum dependent on your type of account eg shop or accommodation.