Minimalist Traveller



Did you know our products are fantastic for minimalist travel.

Our products often have multiple uses simply because they are naturally made with gorgeous quality ingredients. Enjoy the benefits of the following:

  • Our solid shampoo bar can not only be used to wash your hair  (and beard) but can also be used as a luxurious soap to wash your skin.
  • Our solid conditioner bar can not only be used as a luxurious solid hair conditioner but can also be used as a solid shave balm to shave your legs, shave your bead and shave your underarms, leaving your skin silky smooth.
  • Our dish soap is simply pure coconut oil soap, so is fantastic for camping . It could not only wash your dishes but could also wash your clothes (hand wash) and your body.
  • and all are solid so no restrictions in carry on baggage.