Tie Dye Pillar Candle

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Palm free tie dye pillar candle made from oconut wax for better scent throw and longer lasting candle infused with a pure essential oil blend created by INSTINKS

When ordering please choose up to 3 colours that you would like us to tie dye your candle.
In the picture is blue teal and black.


  • Coconut wax,
  • Pure essential oils
  • Pure cotton wick with a paper braid - zinc & lead free 


  • APPROX 300g of wax
  • Approx 40 hour burn time
  • Dimensions 76(H) x 76(W)mm


We use Coconut Wax Blended with Soy Wax which Is formaldehyde free, natural and vegan friendly. We DO NOT use palm or palm based stearic acid in our candles like a lot of other companies do.

We use a pure cotton internal wick with a paper braid which is zinc & lead free

Flat braid style wick bends at the tip while burning, resulting in more complete combustion and a cleaner, self-trimming burn!