Australian Myrtle Black Tea

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Experience the beauty of Queensland's own Spray Free Daintree Black Tea, perfectly blended with Organic Lemon Myrtle to make a delightful, citrus-infused Earl-Grey style tea but from our own back yard in Australia. Refreshingly perfect to start your day, or simply enjoy a cup around a campfire as you relax and breathe in the nature around you.

Serving Suggestion: For best results add 1 tsp per cup and brew with freshly boiling filtered water for 2-5mins (or adjusted to your liking) 

What are the benefits of Myrtle Black tea bath?
May assist in reducing muscle pain, softens your skin, helps relieve redness and also may assist with skin disorders, it is also said to assist in anti-aging effects and loaded with antioxidants. Not to mention the produced aroma from the flowering, herbal and tea leaves as they expand under the hot water.

Can Myrtle Black Tea be used on hair?

80g 44 gallon mini drum