Echinacea Mint and Ginger Shampoo Bar

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Refresh and revive your hair with our Echinacea Mint and Ginger Shampoo Bar. Infused with echinacea pure extract along with spearmint, lemongrass and ginger essential oils, infused with traditional matcha green tea. This shampoo bar cleanses and nourishes for healthier hair. Embrace the natural benefits of botanical ingredients for a luscious and vibrant mane.

  • PH Balanced
  • Cruelty free & Vegan
  • No SLS,
  • Palm oil free
  • Handmade in the Snowy Mountains NSW Australia
  • 100% Plastic free



Use as a normal shampoo bar, rub from the roots to tips, leave in a few minutes for conditioning and rinse thoroughly.

Does not come with a transition period like our traditional shampoo bars.

Suitable for all hair types including dyed hair.

sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocamidropopyl betaine, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, glycerin palm free, matcha green tea, echinacea pure extract, .spearmint, lemongrass and ginger essential oils, optiphen plus, vitamin E.